Pre-Vet Programme

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Last update: 31.01.2024

Pre-Vet Programme

The Medical Poland Veterinary Preparatory Programme (Pre-Vet) is a response to feedback from students and academics with regards to the will to increase the levels of knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics to prepare students, help them succeed and make the most out of their veterinary programme. Due to the differences between programmes in secondary schools in Poland and other countries, some of the accepted vet students face challenges due to limited knowledge of the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics. Please bear in mind that knowledge of those sciences will be essential for your success in the first two years of your VET programme and to other preclinical and clinical subjects which are taught during the veterinary programme.

The Pre-Vet programme provided on the Mastering Pearson platform is designed to lead through the most relevant areas revising (and in some cases introducing) areas one needs to learn to be well prepared for the academic year and is essential for success in the first two years of the Veterinary programme. The Medical Poland Medicine Pre-Vet programme is prepared by experienced Academic Tutors.

You will receive full access to:

(1) Mastering Pearson's online platform including an interactive textbook with a lot of additional resources, tutorials etc. 

(2) a course personalised to veterinary students' needs areas

(3) Medical Poland's Tutors’ ongoing support. In order to maximise your knowledge, you need to go through as much of the course as possible. Medical Poland's Academic Tutors will revise your results. You also can ask them questions and ask for clarification if you need additional support.

The online preparatory programme delivered by the Medical Poland Education Team has a flexible start date (once the payment is received) and 24 months of content access. Medical Poland Academic Tutors lead the delivery and student-tutor interaction for 4 weeks in all three subjects:

Chemistry 15.08.2024 - 15.09.2024

Physics 15.08.2024 - 15.09.2024

Biology 02.09.2024 - 02.10.2024

Investment: 490 EUR for the whole package (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) payable by 14th August 2024 (please send a payment confirmation to  Modules can also be purchuased seperately for 190 EUR

Access: within 3 working days from receiving payment for 24 months (it means that you can pay earlier and have access to all available study materials as soon as the payment is received).

Bank account Details: Ref. Vet-Prog. Your Name
Medical Poland Sp. z o.o., PKO Bank Polski; ul. Stary Port 1-3, Postcode: 85-068, Bydgoszcz, Poland,
IBAN: PL26 1020 1475 0000 8302 0339 5282

Enquiries:, +353 83 427 9427 (10am - 2pm)


For accepted veterinary students

Availability: Access anytime & anywhere (multiple devices)

Online mode on Pearson's Mastering education platform

Language of the course: English

Interaction: 4 weeks of interaction with Academic Tutors

Investment: 420 EUR payable by 14th August 2024 (please send the payment confirmation to

Access: within 3 working days from receiving payment for 24 months (it means that you can pay earlier and have access to all available study materials as soon as the payment is received).

Certificate of attendance

Certificate of completion above 60% score


420 EUR

Recommendation from prof. Kubiak
(Dean of the Faculty of
Veterinary Medicine, WUELS)

We hereby recommend to all our candidates from Ireland and UK the pre-course organized by Medical Poland. This pre-course is prepared by leading specialists and teachers from Polish medical universities and includes all issues which are required by our Faculty from candidates to Veterinary Medicine at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Due to the differences between programs in secondary schools in Poland and other countries (especially Ireland and the UK), some of the students face challenges due to limited knowledge of basic biology, chemistry and physics. These basic subjects are essential to other preclinical and clinical subjects which are taught during veterinary medicine programme. A good basis will facilitate further studying and, thanks to a better knowledge from basic sciences, every candidate will be able to feel more self confident at the beginning of the study.

from the student

The Pre-Veterinary course is an amazing opportunity to prepare for the Veterinary course at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as students usually find these subjects the most difficult when starting their university degree programme. These are vital for one’s basic knowledge in the pre-clinical years (1st and 2nd year).
Due to the different levels of secondary education, and the differences in curricula between countries, this is a great way to become more familiar with the topics that will be covered in detail at the university. For example, extended biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and biophysics are included. Once the actual degree programme starts, it is difficult to catch up with the basics.
It is also, in my opinion, as an incoming 3rd-year student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Wroclaw, extremely useful in preparing and boosting your confidence in MCQ (multiple choice question) style exams and tests. As you will be facing biophysics, biochemistry, biology and genetics in the 1st year of your studies, you will have full access to Pearson textbooks, videos, and other materials once you sign in, with access being open for 18 months. As I am aware, for the first month of the pre-course you will also be supported by academic tutors with possibilities of asking questions as well as receiving additional tasks when needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend taking part in this course - see you at the university in October :) Sadhbh


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