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Medical Poland Pre-Test Course

The Medical Poland Pre-Test Course is a learning and revision support tool designed by Medical Poland Education’s experienced Academic Team to help applicants increase their chances of successfully passing entrance exams and interviews for the Polish medical and veterinary schools.

The Medical Poland Pre-Test Course has been introduced to make candidates more comfortable going through admission processes and address slight curricular differences between Polish secondary school curriculum and international equivalents that may occur in some cases. Our preparatory course also amplifies important and useful sciences knowledge required and used in medical sciences & veterinary especially during the first 2 years of studies.

The Course is tailored to every individual student's needs, circumstances, learning style and knowledge levels in each of the subjects it is available in: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pre-Test Course participants obtain access to Pearson Education platform with the most relevant and superior course book from a given subject(s). They are then guided by Medical Poland´s Academic Tutors who help identify areas for improvement, supervise and guide through the assigned material, tests, quizzes and tasks.Tutors are also available if additional support or explanation is required. On top of content worked on, the tutor student has access to the platform (including course book) for 24 months.

In 2014, the Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit rated Polish education as fifth best in Europe and tenth best in the world.

Who is it for?

Applicants to any university that required entry exams and/or interviews covering high school curricular differences and focusing on areas likely to be tested.The Medical Poland Education preparatory individual courses are dedicated for veterinary & medical fields not only for Poland’s medical and veterinary programmes, but also for those who wish to study through English at the top medical or veterinary universities in Europe.

The course content, length, intensity and difficulty level (and cost) are determined by the following:

  • Subject taken
  • Result of our diagnostic test(s) - free of charge!
  • University(ies) targeted
  • Secondary school curriculum differences
  • Predicted grades
  • Areas for improvement identified by the student

Should you wish to see where you stand with your knowledge against what may be expected at tests/interviews for medical schools in Poland, please complete our diagnostic tests - free of charge! Or contact Medical Poland Education for any advice on:


Biology Diagnostic Test (here)

Chemistry DiagnosticTest (here)

Physics Diagnostic Test (here)


Why is worth it?

Course personalised to your needs taught in English

Flexible start date

Availability: Access anytime & anywhere (multiple devices) via pearson platform

24 months access to all study materials, e-textbook

Dates: Individually

Length and intensity: Individual needs

Cost: individual

Interaction with experienced Academic Tutors

Each student assigned to Medical Poland Education Coordinator

Learning progress supervised regularly by Academic Team

Revision tests available

Certificate of attendance




Got questions?

Ask Marta

tests - free of charge



At the moment Bialystok University is ranked somewhere between 1000-1200 ("THE" ranking).
That makes it 6th result in Poland overall. However, in terms of the Teaching category, it is classified as the 2nd position. Also, 2nd place when it comes to gender proportions (76 vs 24).


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