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MiniMed Programme in Poland

Medical Poland MiniMed Programme is an intensive practical week-long experience of the medical profession and medical education filled with doctor shadowing, real-life clinical situations, medical simulation, anatomy, laboratory work and mentoring. This hands-on and at times intense programme introduces participants to the complex challenges of life in the medical profession and the nature of medical programmes delivered through English at Polish universities.
Medical Poland runs exclusively 1-2 MiniMed Summer Programme student groups per year. Small 6-8 student groups enable mentoring and a lot of exposure to practical real-life scenarios. Limited number of places are available.

Date: 05.07.2021 - 10.07.2021 - (direct flights to/from & more flight connections)

Cost: 390 EUR MiniMed Registration Fee(1) + 1000 EUR MiniMed Programme Fee(2)

(1) Payable with application, no later than 10 May

(2) Payable by 30 May

All parts of the programme are delivered by leading professionals in their respective areas:

A) Medical University Experience

Medical simulation learning sessions, tour of university facilities and social programme also helps to understand the nature of studying medical programmes, the challenges and benefits of studying abroad as well as the Polish cuisine and culture.

  • Anatomy (introduction, anatomical position, skeletal & cardiovascular system; practical: five dissection tables with isolated organs and systems presented; quiz)
  • Biochemistry (each student performs: lab tests (analytical chemistry significance), measures glucose, hemoglobin & protein level in blood samples)
  • Biology (tissue engineering concept and practical lab work, use of 3D bio-printing and performing own 3D print)
  • Simulation Centre (fidelity in simulation; simulation session: diagnosis of myocardial infarction (heart attack) emergency response, prehospital treatment, safe transfer and performing PCI angioplasty).

B) Clinical Experience

Shadowing a doctor in a working hospital and watching live procedures coupled with various hands-on learning sessions in a clinical environment provides an opportunity to understand the breadth of the medical profession.

  • Hospital experience with renowned prof. Arkadiusz Jawien (operating theatre code of conduct, practical in working hospital & operating theatre environment: hand scrubbing, surgical instruments; hybrid room and digital tools for vascular procedures preparation)

C) Social Programme (Sunday, Monday)

Studying in Poland offers unique international experience that improves interpersonal and intercultural skills and broadens cultural horizons. Students tour Bydgoszcz (the 8th largest Polish city) and enjoy some of its attractions, get to sample the traditional and common Polish cuisine and to learn basic words in Polish.

Stay: Location, Accomodation, Travel, Insurance, Meals:

  • Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland; Collegium Medicum of Nicolaus Copernicus University; university teaching hospital
  • Accomodation: students: university dorms at the campus: Student House No.3, al.Powstańców Wielkopolskich 46, 24/7 secured, monitored with reception (own room; WiFi);
    recommended hotels with Medical Poland discount for parents/guardians
  • Flights not included. Direct flights Dublin - Bydgoszcz (Ryanair)
  • 3 meals a day provided (Mon-Fri)
  • Medical white coat, student insurance provided


To participate, students must be aged 16+ on program start date; prepared to take part in dissection room anatomy practical, being exposed to cadaver.
Students aged under 18 at the time of application must also have the written consent of a parent or their legal guardian.

On successful completion of the programme students will be provided with an official Certificate of Attendance summarising programme content and their involvement. Reference letters can also be issued upon request.

Application & Taking part

Apply by emailing to the following:


MiniMed Registration Form


MiniMed Registration Fee payment confirmation (390 EUR to the following bank account Medical Poland, AIB, IBAN: IE79 AIBK 9323 4530 3420 40, BIC/SWIFT: AIBKIE2D; name as a ref.)We will process the application, contact the applicant to confirm eligibility and place. Stage 2: by 30 May please provide (scans via email).


Travel insurance details


EHIC card scan (European Health Insurance Card, can be obtained on


MiniMed Programme Fee payment confirmation (1000 EUR).



1390 EUR



Got questions?

Ask Marta

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Medical Poland Admission Office is running a Guidance Counsellor Open Evening on 23rd September, 6:30pm (Irish time).

New school year is around the corner and hence choices for students wishing to pursue some of the most challenging career paths possible. Those planning to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing or veterinary medicine need to focus and evaluate all their options. This often comes with strategizing around time/energy allocation and subject choice. We’d like to help you and your students make best choices in the context of many options to study those sciences in Poland, in English in three different ways: 


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