Human Anatomy & Physiology Programme

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Human Anatomy & Physiology Programme

Who should sign up for the programme?

  • Future medical students
  • Paramedical students (nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy)

The programme will help students prepare for challenging anatomy and physiology courses at the third level and will make those courses easier, as well as help, prepare for medical universities entrance exams.

The Medical Poland Human Anatomy & Physiology Programme is designed by our experienced team based on many years of experience working with international medical students at Polish medical universities. The programme is dedicated to all high school graduates, pupils and students who want to supplement their knowledge in the field of anatomy and physiology that will be necessary during their studies. The anatomy and physiology course was prepared on the basis of professional and the latest literature in accordance with the current curriculum at Polish Medical Universities, therefore it has been divided into sections using systemic anatomy supplemented with issues in physiology.

Anatomy and physiology are two complementary elements that allow you to perfectly understand the structure and functioning of the human body. The prepared course aims to:

  • prepare the student for final exams,
  • facilitate the recruitment process to medical universities, where during the interview of the future student, questions on the basics of human anatomy and physiology are asked,
  • it will help people studying medicine to pass exercises and exams in the most difficult subjects of the first year, which are anatomy and physiology,
  • preparing paramedical students for clinical classes,
  • and ultimately help make your dreams come true and receive your dream doctor's diploma.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology,
  2. Integumentary system,
  3. Musculosceletal system:
    • skeletal system;
    • joints;
    • muscular system;
  4. Cardiovascular system:
    • cardiac system;
    • vascular system;
    • blood;
  5. Lymphatic system and immunity,
  6. Respiratory system,
  7. Digestive system,
  8. Urinary system,
  9. Reproductive system:
    • male reproductive system;
    • female reproductive system;
  10. Nervous system:
    • nervous tissue;
    • brain, cranial nerves, sensory and motor pathways;
    • spinal cord, spinal nerves and spinal reflexes;
    • autonomic nervous system;
  11. Special sens:
    • olfactory and gustatory;
    • eye;
    • ear.

Structure: human anatomy in Poland is typically taught topographically i.e. by separate parts of the body, not by systems.



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