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Information for international students studying medicine in Poland, at NCU Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz -  yesterday Rectors' Letter (in Polish) to the academic and student community was published, indicating some of the current's academic year timeline changes and update of e-learning regulations. 

Highlishts in short (whilst detailed decisions by Deans are awaited) are: 

- Classes can be taken online without the 40% ECTS limit that was in place to date (Directive no. 110 of 27th May; in Polish), 

- All exams in the coming examination session can be taken online in a written form, 

- Clarity on in-person delivery will be given soon, as will be decided locally (Deans with V-ce Rectors' approval), but the view is that this term all classes should be delivered online, with as little exceptions as possible (if any),

- Some classes may be moved to be completed (toghether with exams and resits) by 20th September or (if they require in-person delivery or cannot be delivered in that timefreme) can be moved to the following semester(s) (Direcitive no. 109; in Polish), 

- Currently dorms will operate only for students who take part in in-person classes. 


No more limits to university medical & veterinary education: Polish universities make a record number of offers to Irish applicants


Thousands of students aspiring to become doctors and vets are looking further afield for their education, as local institutions keep offering many places to overseas students. Poland’s 650-year experience in higher education and competitive living costs make it an increasingly attractive education destination for many.  


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