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One of the biggest questions I had before moving for my Veterinary studies to Wroclaw was “How do I pronounce this?” For most Irish and UK medicine and veterinary students, it's not the easiest to figure out if you don’t have any Polish. Phonetically, it is pronounced “Vrots-wahf”. Practice makes perfect when learning anything new…including the Polish language so even have a listen to Google translate to hear how it's pronounced. Arriving to a new city to begin an intensive course of study isn’t easy so I would recommend visiting the city before your veterinary studies begin. I have made a list of some local attractions and essentials to see when you get here.


When you arrive in Wroclaw you’ll be surprised by how much cheaper it is compared with any cities in Ireland or the UK. If you arrive to the airport you can either take the airport shuttle bus, called WRO airport express, which costs €2.50 and takes around 30 minutes to get you to the central bus and railway station. From there, it's pretty easy to get a tram or bus to the main square “Rynek”. Here you’ll find some gorgeous old buildings and lots of restaurants to eat and drink in. You will see the beauty of the square when you arrive!

Rynek at night

Wroclaw is known as the “Venice of Poland” because of its 120 bridges and 13 islands. Most of the sit on the river Oder. The Tumski bridge is the original bridge for lovers in Poland and has the most picturesque view of the city. You’ll notice the bridge is covered in “lover’s locks” where tradition says that you should write your initials on the lock, attach it to the bridge and throw the keys into the Oder! On most days and nights you will hear buskers play beside one of the city’s famous dwarf statues on the bridge. Many people, therefore, call Wroclaw, Wroclove!

Tumski bridge

fter a stroll along the river, you’ll come across the Cathedral island which has around 6 gothic churches dotted around it. One of the most impressive is the cathedral of St John the Baptist with its 2 towers spires visible from almost anywhere in the city. For a gorgeous view of the city, you can travel to the top and look out. Some other churches worth visiting are the church of St Peter and Paul and the church of the Holy Cross.

If you visit Wroclaw in the spring/summer you’ll enjoy an amazing atmosphere if you go to the Malt Island. It is known for its chill atmosphere and has many boat bars and deck chairs to allow you to sit back and enjoy the views of the University buildings. In the evening there are many food trucks and some outdoor film screenings for you to enjoy too! An essential for seeing all of the bridges and hidden crannies of the islands is to travel on a boat trip down the Oder. You get to experience so many things you wouldn’t see when traveling on foot.

As future Veterinary students, a trip to Wroclaw wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Zoo. It is one of the oldest in Europe and boasts an amazing aquarium with amazing exotic species and very open and free spaces to observe the animals in their natural habitat. The price of admission is also very reasonable compared with standard prices at home. It is also very easily accessible from the Vet University and there are very frequent trams directly to the zoo if you don’t feel like walking there. Another essential trip is Hala Stulecia or Centennial Hall right across the road! It is an amazing hall where many concerts and events take place during the year and it has a large garden area surrounding it. During Spring/Summer nights there are firework displays and light shows based around the massive fountain on the grounds. It is truly not to be missed. There is also a small Japanese garden there to wander around in.

Aquarium in Wroclaw Zoo

Lastly, the Botanical gardens are stunning in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom. There is an incredible selection of native and exotic plants around a stunning lily pond. You could truly spend hours there relaxing after a long day. There are often described as being an “oasis of calm.”

These are only some attractions to try to visit before moving to Wroclaw. There are countless things to do here and everyday you can discover something new! For more information and photos check out our Instagram and Twitter @Medical Poland. In next months blog, we’ll be guiding you through the Vet school itself and the facilities there. Not to be missed for any prospective students!




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