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The Pomeranian Medical University (Pomorski Uniwersytet Medyczny) was established in Szczecin in 1948. Today the university organizes general medicine and dentistry programmes in English (since 1996), along with several other medical programmes in Polish.

Considering that the English Program students are from various corners of the world, studies at PMU not only offer excellent training for future doctors or dentists, but also a fantastic opportunity to live and work in a diverse environment where one can learn a new language, understand another culture or even observe different scientific approaches and techniques. Thinking about medical studies in Poland? Szczecin might be just the place for you.



  1. Secondary School Diploma Contest: Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics (min. 2 subjects, 1 subject must be taught on an advanced level) on an applicant's final exam (e.g. Leaving Cert/A-Levels); the university also accepts the BMAT results for those candidates whose High School Diploma does not cover the admission requirements
  2. Personal statement, 1-page long, mentioning your motivation to study Medicine or Dentistry and to study in Poland
  3. Copy of passport

The admission process is based on Leaving Cert results/predicted grades contest i.e. ranking list

Please send the documents listed along with the scan of confirmation of application fee payment to:


University cooperates with many other medical schools, hospitals and clinics in Europe. Students with good grades may enter the ERASMUS program and study abroad for one or two semesters. PMU has signed the agreements with the Universities in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.



Applying to The Pomeranian Medical University and studying medicine in Poland:

  1. Medical Poland Admission Office fee – 245 EUR - guarantees support throughout the admission process and whole time of study*
  2. University Application fee – 85 EUR (non-refundable fee)
  3. Pre-courses fee (to be paid by each accepted candidate) - 600 EUR (non-refundable fee)
  4. Tuition fee ±EUR 12 000 /year

*The application fee guarantees that Medical Poland Admission Office:

  • Advice on best options
  • Guides through application
  • Prepares for interviews
  • Helps to secure the place from March
  • Runs university tours
  • Support on the ground in Poland (cultural & language support, apartment search etc.)
  • Helps to organize summer placement in Poland
  • Provides other support



Popular attractions:

  • The National Museum in Szczecin
  • Szczecin Philharmonic
  • Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle
  • Łasztownia and Cranosauruses


Medical Poland Veterinary trip to Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. 

Prospective Irish Veterinary Medicine students and their parents travelled in April to Wroclaw, Poland, where they had a very enjoyable and insightful view into student life abroad. 


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