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Wieliczka Salt Mine – Unique Asthma Treatment


The ‘ Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional medical centers in the world. The Resort offers treatment services in mined excavations, 135 meters underground. The treatment
is based on the use of an unique micro-climate, only possible by the natural properties of salt, which is free from harmful radiation, impurities, allergens and pollution; rich in micronutrients, with a constant temperature and high humidity.

The resort practices an innovative treatment method refer to as subterraneotherapy, which uses the medical properties of the underground environment for curing patients suffering from asthma, chronic respiratory and allergic conditions.

Patients of the Health Resort not only can benefit from therapeutic stays during the day and night in a unique scenery of salt chambers of ‘Wessel Lake’ and ‘Eastern Mountains Stable’ but also undertake professional pulmonary and allergy diagnostics at consultation rooms of our specialists. Our Resort also offers a wide range of physiotherapy and wellness treatments.

The main principle of our treatment is a holistic approach to the patient including climatic treatment, medical care and active pulmonary rehabilitation combined with education. Healing properties of salt together with individually chosen physiotherapy exercises are effective in combating asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, recurring infections of upper and lower respiratory tract and allergies.

Patients staying underground are supervised by professional staff of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, who share the same values and passions for the care of our patients. Our main objective is the patient’s wellbeing and the highest quality of medical services.
Not only those suffering from respiratory diseases seek healing in salt chambers, there are more and more people coming with the aim to improve their general health condition. Peace and tranquility of the underground helps to restore the balance of body, mind and regeneration.

The ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort cooperates with academic and medical institutions from Poland and abroad: The Jagiellonian University, Academy of Physical Education and Polish Academy of Science to mention only a few.

The resort is at the leading edge of medical researches and hosts national and international medical conferences.


Health Resort

The subterranean environment of the salt mine has a positive effect on the respiratory system, wellness and general health.

The unique microclimate of the mine, the air itself, serves as main source of treatment

Profile of treatment

The environmental climate of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is fundamentally different from the climate on the surface of the earth. The special curing properties of salt chambers are determined by, amongst others, the high saturation of air with sodium chloride aerosol ions The underground climate is extremely clean in microbiological and palynological terms.

The activities of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Health Resort are addressed primarily to people suffering from diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, such as:

- bronchial asthma
- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
- recurrent nose, sinuses, pharynx and larynx conditions
- chronic bronchitis and pneumonia
- allergic diseases.

A fundamental role in the mechanism of treatment is performed by the unique microclimate, characterised by:

- exceptional bacteriological purity
- constant air temperature (10°C – 12°C)
- high air humidity (approx. 80%)
- high sodium chloride contents (24 mg/m3) and elements such as magnesium, manganes and calcium.

The air is free of contaminants, which are found in the environment on the surface of the earth.

Significant air humidity prevents the harmful drying of the respiratory tract. The curing values of the chambers’ microclimate result from the natural properties of the rock salt, the ventilation and humidity of the chambers which is constantly monitored, and also by the large expanse of treatment chambers.

An important role is also played by the stimuli provided by the daily climate change produced by descending to Level III of the mine 135 meters

Medical services


of the respiratory tract: spirometry, measuring the mount of nitric oxide in exhaled air, pulse oximetry

- Skin tests
- Electrocardiography
- Audiometry
- Blood test and other

Consultation with specialist doctors:

- Pulmonologist
- rehabilitation doctor
- Allergist
- Dermatologist
- Laryngologist and other

Physiotherapeutic producers:

- Kinesiotherapy
- Specialist neurophysiological methods
- Physiotherapy: electro-therapy, local cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, magnetic field, ultrasound, phototherapy, brine inhalations
- Therapeutic massages

Underground therapeutic station

The unique microclimate of the mine, the air itself, serves as main source of treatment, and acts as a natural inhalator. This part of the mine has already one treatment chamber;

Lake Wessel Chamber

The Lake Wessel treatment chamber, located on Level III of the Wieliczka mine, 135 underground, was excavated in the second half of the nineteenth century, since 1909, it contains a salt lake, which is the main attraction of the chamber of the mine. The chamber was created as a result of exploiting a block of green salt. The Wessel Lake Chamber mass is composed of medium and coarse salt contaminated with a clayey substance.

The Lake Wessel Chamber offers 60 rehabilitation places located on the shore of the brine lake.

In the chamber, spaces have been set out for:

- group breathing exercises,
- patients’ rest (tables and chairs)
- repose (4 couches)
- group general fitness exercises – a “gym” equipped with ladders, mirrors, benches, gymnastic mattresses
- educational classes, complete with audio – video equipment
- inhalation (3 inhalation stations)
- storage of patients’ personal belongings during stays (lockers)
- medical station with the nursing duty office

The chamber is equipped with equipment for physical exercise: multigyms, ergometers, treadmills, and a stepper. Health Resort guests can also enjoy playing billiards or table tennis, and take walks or jog around the brine lake.

Eastern Mountains’ Stable Chamber

The Eastern Mountains’ Stable treatment chamber is the second chamber in the treatment chamber complex. There are two separated rooms in the chamber.

The first of those offers repose and relaxation spots with a device for spraying salt aerosol – a graduation tower, at which a dozen people can take inhalations at the same time, with the acoustic and aesthetic experience contributing a state of relaxation. The section also includes a reading room and tables with seating and an exhibition on the treatment history in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine and a showcase presenting the minerals found in the Wieliczka deposit.

The second part of the chamber offers accommodation for 36 patients, in comfortably furnished one- or two-bed ‘stalls’ with rehabilitation mattresses and anti-allergic bed linen and lockers for the patients. The chamber also houses physicians’ and nurse duty office with a treatment room.

The chamber offers a rich array of exercise equipment for strength and sports exercises and recreational activities such as steppers, ergometers, a treadmill and orbitreks. Professional audio-visual equipment allows conducting music therapy, deep relaxation and visualizations.

As the Eastern Mountains’ Stable Chamber is located in the vicinity of the Wessel Lake Chamber, you will find it easy to participate in respiratory kinesiotherapy under the supervision of qualified physiotherapy personnel and benefiting from exercise equipment located in the Lake Wessel Chamber.

Between the Wessel Lake and Eastern Mountains’ Stable chambers, toilets are located, providing shared sanitary facilities for both treatment chambers.


The ‘ Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort offers luxury and peaceful accommodation on the surface and underground.

The ‘ Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort offers luxury and peaceful accommodation on the surface at two types of lodging and also give a chance to sleep underground in one of Salt Mine’s chambers.

Grand Sal Hotel ****

The building of the former Salt Baths dating from the turn of the 20th century was meticulously reconstructed on the basis of historical materials and according to conservator’s recommendations. The Hotel interiors and decor emphases the link between the Hotel and the Mine. Thanks to stylised furniture, highest-quality fabrics, and tasteful details, a cosy atmosphere has been created which will be appreciated by the most demanding guests. The discreet elegance creates an ambience of warmth and luxury.

Luxury rooms, magnificent cuisine, exceptional leisure and only a few steps away from the historic “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. The hotel has an excellent location set apart from the bustle of the town streets. It’s ideal for spending a romantic weekend for two. Professional service, discretion, calm, and the highest-quality service guarantees an enjoyable stay.

All guests of the Grand Sal Hotel **** receive individualised treatment, and are ensured complete privacy. The Hotel offer has been specially selected to meet the needs of our customers and to guarantee satisfaction from all the services offered by the Grand Sal Hotel ****.

“Salt Mill” Guest Rooms

The Salt Mill Guest Rooms offers a homely atmosphere combined with excellent conditions for relaxation. The comfortable rooms will allow you to rest in peace and quiet after a day of treatment underground, and its location , in the heart of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, serves as a perfect base camp not only for touring Wieliczka. The guest rooms are located in an adapted building that was once a salt mill where salt was processed many years ago.

The Salt Mill Guest Room offers 14 rooms (1-, 2-, 3- and 4-person with bathrooms). We have also thought of families travelling with children and prepared 2 studio-type rooms for them. Every room is fitted with a TV set, refrigerator, coffee/tea maker, and towels. The beds are very comfortable with high class VENUS rehabilitation mattresses for body-targeted sleeping support. A sweet slumber is guaranteed with high-class antiallergic clinic bed sheets. A hair dryer, iron and ironing board are available at the reception desk. You can also take advantage of our laundry services. Free Internet is also available at the tip of your fingers. You can also rest in the common room with a library offering a grand selection of books as well as cards for playing, chess and kiddies games.

Photo gallery

Special Offers

See the deals on offer for improving your health in an exceptional and unique worldwide salt mine medical centre.

Medical Poland together with the Wieliczka Health Resort has the pleasure to introduce 3 packages which includes weekend stay, comprehensive one week stay and comprehensive two week stay. A package starts from €178 and includes 2 night stay; transfer to and from the Krakow Balice Airport as well as visiting of the historic Tourist Route of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. See more at our packages.

The offer does not include flight tickets however there are regular flights to Krakow which is only approximately two and half hours away from Dublin. To find more about the flight tickets visit

For those who suffers from bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, recurrent nose, sinuses, pharynx and larynx conditions, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, allergic diseases or simply would like to visit exceptional and unique worldwide medical centre for good health and deep breath – this is for you!

Detailed offer below:

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The Tourist Route

The main tour trail leads through the most beautiful nooks of the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine.

When taking a break from your unique medical holiday at Wieliczka Health Resort, take this opportunity (which is included in our special offer package) to visit the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine. It is one of the 12 objects included now for over 30 years on UNSECO’s LIST of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The Tourist Route includes the most beautiful chambers and galleries, underground chapels and lakes including majestic carpentry and unique salt sculptures. It consists more than 20 chambers connected by galleries. Thus, it is no surprise that till now, the Tourist Route, the main visiting route of the mine has been visited by 36 million tourists from around the whole world in search of adventures.

The mine can be visited only with a guide, in the language selected by you. A group on the Tourist Route can number up to 35.

It is particularly historic part of the mine, with working showing the evolution in the methods in mining salt and mining protection devices from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. The impressive chambers on the Tourist route, as well as the unique chapels and art objects, are certainly worth visiting in the mine.


Worth knowing

 01 There are 20 chambers to visit – the Chapel of St. King is the most brilliant one.
 02 The average time needed to complete the route together with visiting the Krakow Saltworks Museum is approximately 3 hours.
 03 The visit is always conducted under the supervision of a guide.
 04 Please bring warm clothing. Temperature underground ranges between 14° and 16° C.
 05 There are 800 steps to climb of which 350 at the beginning take you down into the mine. Wear comfortable shoes.
 06 Some parts of the route are adapted for wheelchairs. Earlier bookings in this case are recommended.
 07 Children up to 4 years of age are allowed to visit free-of-charge.
 08 Toilet facilities are spaced along the route respectively, 40 and 90 minutes from the moment of beginning the visit.
 09 Smoking and using an open fire in the mine is strictly forbidden.
10 No animals are allowed in the mine. The mine does not offer any animal shelters of its own for your pets.
 11 Baggage can be left at the luggage office located close to the tourist information centre.
 12 Please pay for your permit to take photos and make films at the ticket desk.

For people looking for more in-depth or hands on tour of the mine there are other options;

Miners’ Route

This active exploration trail leads participants through previously inaccessible excavations, galleries and shafts. Embarking on their advantage in full mining gear and under the watch full eye of their guide, ‘the chargemen’, they will perform a variety of mining tasks: digging salt, pushing the cart with the dragged material and making rope.

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Certificates / Awards

The ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort conducts treatment services approved by renowned medical authorities in Poland and abroad.

Our method for curing respiratory tract diseases has been recognized worldwide and the brine used for therapeutic procedures was attested by the National Institute of Public Health.

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Other Medical Treatment Poland / Worldwide

Medical Poland provides a wide range of other consulting services in the area of medicine, marketing and education. We arrange organisation’s marketing efforts, mainly in Ireland and UK but also in terms of support of medical staff recruitment from Poland.


Support for your recruitment efforts

  1. We identify best channels to disseminate information about your vacancies;
  2. We distribute it through media and a large number of organisations we have direct access to (through established relationships in Ireland and in Poland);
  3. We arrange free and paid jobs ads and additional advertising within Polish community and best job sites in Poland to support the above;
  4. We provide other services.

Consulting and supporting market research and entry

Medical Poland, having a network of partners in Poland and Ireland can support you with due diligence, market research and entry strategy.

  • Strategic Market Access
  • Healthcare Market Landscaping
  • Pricing & Reimbursement Consultancy
  • Decision Trend Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping Workshops

Organising international media and research trips

In last 5 years Medical Poland team has organised and supported a number of successful media trips to Poland.


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