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How are you feeling about your anatomy? We know the end-of-year exams are coming up and we’d like to help you with prep. 


We sat down with our academics and developed a crash revision course in Anatomy for you: 2-week Advanced Anatomy Revision Course is an enjoyable and time saving way to review Anatomy chapter by chapter.

Anatomy has been associated with stress and all-nighters it is now time to say goodbye to this stereotype!

Anatomy is one of the fundamental subjects that help you embark on a great adventure called medicine. It is one of the most important and most challenging links in the chain of an entire medical education without which one cannot understand the clinical basis presented during the upcoming years of studying.

Regardless of whether you want to become an ace in Anatomy or you struggle with Anatomy or Physiology, Medical Poland Education introduces you to a quick 2-week course that will enable you to pass with flying colours. 


Course details: 

The 2-week Advanced Anatomy Revision Course by Medical Poland Education gives you access to:

(1) Online Mastering platform with full-text access to the interactive Pearson book: “Human Anatomy, Global Edition 9th Edition” Authors: E. Marieb, P. Wilhelm, J. Mallatt (14 days access) 

(2) Course personalised to the university's syllabus

(3) Database of test questions for self-control

(4) Full access to the Study Area section including videos & animations, practice tests & quizzes, labeling activities, Practice Anatomy Lab - unique lab study tool with a full range of actual anatomy lab specimens and much more

(5) Medical Poland's Tutor's ongoing support. You can ask them questions and ask for clarification if you need additional support  during 2 consultations once a week

Medical Poland's Academic Tutor will revise your results after each chapter and assign additional content, if deemed necessary, based on your performance throughout the course.


Course duration: 1-14 June

Fee: 129 EUR / 79 EUR for Medical Poland Students


If you decide to proceed, please provide the payment confirmation (screenshot) via email and we will be able to issue access and provide further details in the next few days.


Bank account details:

Medical Poland, AIB, Howth Road, Dublin 5, Ireland,

IBAN: IE79 AIBK 9323 4530 3420 40, BIC/SWIFT: AIBKIE2D;

2 week Anatomy_Name as a ref.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


No more limits to university medical & veterinary education: Polish universities make a record number of offers to Irish applicants


Thousands of students aspiring to become doctors and vets are looking further afield for their education, as local institutions keep offering many places to overseas students. Poland’s 650-year experience in higher education and competitive living costs make it an increasingly attractive education destination for many.  


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