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For years Medical Poland has been supporting secondary school students and their parents during the decision making process, applicants going through application process(es) and interview/entrance test preparation, links with current students and graduates, helps with documents during admission processes, helps new students in settling in, current students in various ways as well - from personal issues to helping arrange summer placements. 

The Medical Poland Admission Office is now supporting hundreds of international students in Poland and extending some of the support to graduates. From 15th August 2020, the Medical Poland Fee is 245 EUR per applicant. Depending on a specific university/ies one applies to other application/admisssion/interview fees may apply.


Medical Poland Admission Office’s Team:

·    Advises on best options

·    Guides through application(s)

·    Prepares for interview(s) and entrance tests(s)

·    Helps secure university place(s) from January

·    Runs university tours (where possible)

·    Supports on the ground in Poland (cultural & language support, apartment search etc.)

·    Helps to organize summer placements if required

·    Provides other ad hoc and long-term support

Medical Poland also offers:

-      Pre-Courses (online with academic tutor input) in biology, chemistry, physics to prepare for interviews and entrance exams

-      Full, detailed mock interviews

-      Pre-Med and Pre-Vet Courses (online with academic tutor input) to prepare for academically challenging programmes



  • Advises on best options
  • Guides through application
  • Prepares for interview
  • Helps secure the place from March
  • Runs university tours
  • Supports on the ground in Poland (cultural & language support, apartment search etc.)
  • Helps to organize summer placements
  • Provides other support
  • NEWS

    Guidance Counsellor Guide - Medical Poland Info Pack 2021. 

    Support your students with up-to-date information and insights about Polish universities. 



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    Tel.: +353 83 383 3426
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    Registered address: 77 Lower Camden Street, St Kevin’s, Dublin 2, Ireland, D 02 XE 80.
    Medical Poland is registered in Ireland No. 501246

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