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Medical Poland's Pre-Test Courses/Programmes as well as PreMed & PreVet Preparatory Programmes are offered in biology, chemistry and physics. 

Terms & Conditions:

The programmes are based on textbooks internationally recognised and used worldwide to prepare for medical and veterinary programmes in respective subjects. 

 The content of the textbooks is delivered through an online publisher - Pearson's platform for at least 12 to 18 months.  

Student receives access to the entire textbook for that period of time.

The course content is, however, personalised by Medical Poland's Academic Tutors based on university and programme that the student applies to (or is going to start studyin at) and the results of the student's diagnostic test(s) are taken into account. Then specific content is recommended and assignemnts are assigned to the student. 

Student can ask questions, ask for clarofication, feedback or get additional problems and assignemnts added to their course - by deafault Academic Tutors can answer two questions for each chapter assigned to the student, but this interaction allowance can be increased by Medical Poland. For PreMed & PreVet Programmes the interaction takes place over 4-week period specified.

 The cost of an individual course depends on the amount of material the student is deemed to be assigned and learn/revise to succeed. 


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Guidance Counsellor Guide - Medical Poland Info Pack 2021. 

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