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Medical Poland Admission Office statement based on the Polish Government decision announced on 13.03.2020, 8:15 pm (Polish Time)

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced new measures to fight the spread of coronavirus, including a ban on foreign nationals (excluding e.g. international students studying in Poland, workers or people related or with a reasonable reason to be in Poland) entering the country, and a suspension of international air and rail connections as of midnight on Saturday (Saturday/Sunday). It will still be possible to leave Poland via road transport.

Mr Morawiecki said that while the number of confirmed cases of the novel virus in Poland - 68 - remained relatively low, the country needed to act fast to prevent a repeat of the acceleration of the virus seen in other European countries. "Ahead of us is a time of social challenge. And ahead of us is a time of intergenerational solidarity," he said, urging to heed the government's advice (...) But our biggest asset will be calmness, calmness which leads to Poland getting through this epidemic in a safer manner than most European countries." 

The latest Polish measures announced by Mr Morawiecki are similar to the steps taken by Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which have both announced states of emergency, and effectively closed their borders to foreign visitors. 

The measures introduced on 13.03.2020 include: the suspension of international rail and air connections from midnight on Saturday; a ban on foreigners entering the country; mandatory two-week quarantine for those returning from abroad. The measures will initially apply for 10 days, but can be extended by a further 20 days, and if necessary again, by a further month. 

Restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, pubs and other places for entertainment would have to shut down, while in shopping malls only supermarkets, dry cleaning shops and pharmacies would be allowed to stay open. Take-aways and delivery services will remain operating. Banks, services, ATMs will remain operating. 

Public gatherings involving more than 50 people will be banned. 

International transport of goods will continue. 

Mr Morawiecki also said that Poland takes so decisive measures as one of the first countries, but believes others will follow. He named “responsibility” and “security” as the most important now. "This is the last moment for decisive action," said Poland's health minister Lukasz Szumowski. "There is no more time for half measures. In Spain we have more than 4,000 ill people. In Italy more than 17,000."

Department of Foreign Affairs' information line number: +48 22 523 8880.

To avail from Medical Poland’s support our students studying medicine, medical sciences and veterinary medicine in Poland and their families can reach the Medical Poland Admission Office via email or Adam and Artur via telephone +353 83 4279427, +353 83 3833426. Medical Poland will schedule regular conference calls via Google Hangouts/Meet - please follow our Facebook closed group for updates. 

Please note, that each of our medical and veterinary universities has also put in place counselling services for their students. We recommend that students avail of this support as informed by their respective universities.


Decision has been made by the Polish Government to keep all universities closed at least until 10th April. Medical Poland now predicta that face to face classes, practicals and lectures may not resume at least until the end of April. Please note, in some European countries, teaching has been entirely moved online (to the degree it is practical) with notices that face to face teaching will not resume this term. It is too early for Medical Poland to predict if this will be the case in Poland. Whilst Medical Poland is making enquiries with university officials, for detailed information, please follow respective universities website and social media as well as direct communication you receive. 

Medical Poland’s advice remains in line with the one of the Polish Health Minister namely to limit travel and adhere to social (spacial) distancing guidelines for public health reasons.

Today the Irish Embassy informed about one remaining flight from Poland to Ireland - please read below: 

Dear friends,

As you are aware there has been significant travel disruption related to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor the Embassy Twitter profile at for the most recent update.

We understand that after today LOT is operating one further WAW-DUB charter flight for Irish citizens and residents of Ireland on Friday 27 March. Irish citizens who wish to return to Ireland should make arrangements now. There may be no further flight options for the foreseeable future.

To register interest in this LOT flight, please see:

LOT have advised that potential passengers should answer their phone calls, are prepared to accept a flight offer and are prepared to make payment for their flight.  There is no guarantee that LOT will be able to contact you again if you do not answer their call.

Please send any expression of interest in this LOT flight by 20:00 this evening, Wednesday 25 March. We cannot guarantee we will be in a position to take forward any contacts made after this time.


Embassy of Ireland    +48 22 564 22 00

Be safe.


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