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Before study really begins and after you’ve had some time to settle into your apartment or dorm, you
might find yourself asking “What can I do for a few hours around this new city?”. Of course, there are
loads of sights to see around Rynek etc.

I previously wrote them in a blog (which can be found on , but if you’re looking for somewhere to go in the evenings to relax a bit and meet
some of your classmates, there are lots of beach bars located around the city. If you haven’t been to
one, I would highly recommend them! These summer bars spring up all over Wroclaw around May and stay
until late September / October, depending on the weather.

So what should you expect to see at these little places? They are all based around the same idea but will
have subtle differences of course. You should expect to see lots of sand, river views, sunchairs, constant
music with regular concerts, DJs and standup acts, plastic glasses, higher than average prices, food
trucks and some yoga sessions on certain mornings or lunchtime. There are lots of bars to choose from
all over Wroclaw, but these 2 are closest to the dorms and a nice place for students.

The closest beach bar to the Raj dorms in ZaZoo, located beside the Zoo. So you can either walk-in bright
evenings or get the tram a few stops to Hala Stulecia. It is the most established bar and is quite popular
with families and young people, especially at weekends. It is on the larger size of beach bars around the
city, as it now offers 2 food outlets and 2-3 separate bars. The view is amazing as you sit right on the
banks of the river. It is particularly nice to sit around the campfires and watch the sunset. The bar also
leads onto a path around the zoo which eventually leads back to Biskupin Park, and of course the dorms.


Some pictures of ZaZoo beach bar
Some pictures of ZaZoo beach bar
Some pictures of ZaZoo beach bar
Some pictures of ZaZoo beach bar


The next closest beach bar to the dorms is called the Opatovice Beach Bar (Walking distance from dorms
is about 15 minutes). This is much quieter and smaller than ZaZoo and is a nice place to stop by to cool
down after a walk, run or cycle along the walkway. It can be accessed through Biskupin park and along a
popular path with runner and cyclists. It is located right on the Opatovice dam. Because of its location, it

definitely has a more laid back and chilled feel, making it less “urban”. So if you’d prefer to sit down and
relax with friends, then this is the place for you.

A scenic path leading to the Opatovice Beach Bar 

The relaxing Opatovice Beach Bar


While on your days off or weekends why not try some of these activities around Wroclaw too.
First on the list for most people is gnome hunting. If you have visited the city before, you might have
noticed the little bronze statues all over. These little statues began as anti-Soviet demonstrations in the
height of the communist 1980s. Gnome maps are available from most tourist shops and give you a map
to find over 300 of the unique statues. Usually, they represent the business or monument they are
outside of.

Hala Stulecia is a gorgeous place to visit on a sunny day. During the day you can take a stroll around the
Japanese gardens or explore the inside dome of the hall. There are always lots of concerts in the hall and

it is a hub for events during the year. For example, Ben and Jerry’s Poland were there at the start of the
summer to hand out free ice cream! At night, Hala Stulecia lights up and is not to be missed. There are
videos played on the water with music and lights in perfect harmony to shows such as Beauty and the
Beast and many others. To keep up to date with any events in the area go to the official Hala Stulecia
website. The Biskupin trams stop right at the Hall and it is about 5 stops from Raj.

For a relaxing little walk, you should go to the market hall called Hala Targowa. Here you will find
authentic Polish gifts and food such as the infamous blue Polish pottery, traditional pierogi (dumplings).
One tip to remember is to take zloty cash as they don’t usually accept cards.

There are loads of places for you to explore in Wroclaw depending on what you’re interested in! Day
trips are also possible from Wroclaw to Krakow and Auschwitz. As always keep an eye out for other
blogs for more information or feel free to contact us with any questions.


Decision has been made by the Polish Government to keep all universities closed at least until 10th April. Medical Poland now predicta that face to face classes, practicals and lectures may not resume at least until the end of April. Please note, in some European countries, teaching has been entirely moved online (to the degree it is practical) with notices that face to face teaching will not resume this term. It is too early for Medical Poland to predict if this will be the case in Poland. Whilst Medical Poland is making enquiries with university officials, for detailed information, please follow respective universities website and social media as well as direct communication you receive. 

Medical Poland’s advice remains in line with the one of the Polish Health Minister namely to limit travel and adhere to social (spacial) distancing guidelines for public health reasons.

Today the Irish Embassy informed about one remaining flight from Poland to Ireland - please read below: 

Dear friends,

As you are aware there has been significant travel disruption related to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor the Embassy Twitter profile at for the most recent update.

We understand that after today LOT is operating one further WAW-DUB charter flight for Irish citizens and residents of Ireland on Friday 27 March. Irish citizens who wish to return to Ireland should make arrangements now. There may be no further flight options for the foreseeable future.

To register interest in this LOT flight, please see:

LOT have advised that potential passengers should answer their phone calls, are prepared to accept a flight offer and are prepared to make payment for their flight.  There is no guarantee that LOT will be able to contact you again if you do not answer their call.

Please send any expression of interest in this LOT flight by 20:00 this evening, Wednesday 25 March. We cannot guarantee we will be in a position to take forward any contacts made after this time.


Embassy of Ireland    +48 22 564 22 00

Be safe.


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