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In this months blog, we talk to a current second-year Veterinary medicine student in University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw. Ciara Power is a 19-year-old Irish girl from the small town of Tower, Co Cork. She has always wanted to study Veterinary medicine, having many animals herself at home including dogs, cats, chicken and ducks. She came to Poland straight from Secondary School. With increasing points required for the intensive course and UCD being the only college in Ireland to offer it, like most young Irish students, Ciara started looking into studying abroad and specifically Europe. While researching the different colleges who offer Veterinary medicine, she found the Medical Poland admission office. After contacting us, we informed her along with many other students about studying Veterinary in Wroclaw. WUELS is a highly accredited University having received high rankings from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, “KNOW” status from the National Scientific Leadership Committee and of course earned the ranking as the best Veterinary School in Poland.

Taking all of this into consideration, Ciara decided to start her journey into Veterinary medicine in Wroclaw with the Medical Poland Admission Office. A deciding factor for her was the fact that from doing her own research she found there were excellent facilities in the University, there was a large Irish and UK student body present and the location was exciting to her with it being so close to Berlin and Prague. Starting college is an exciting and scary time in any one’s life. Everything is new and different so moving to Wroclaw was a big change. It is much bigger than Cork and the language barrier was a concern. It was strange to adjust to living in a different country, but after a few weeks, it began to get easier for her of course. The environment is very welcoming in the college and it helps that there are some Irish and UK students in the course. It makes the social side of things easier with one of the highlights being Juwenalia in May, where the students “take over” the city with events every night of the week.
Another attractive feature of college life here for Ciara is the small class size. She feels it is a much easier way to interact in class because the professors take some time to get to know you and you don’t feel as intimidated being in small class size. Being in the second year, she can look back on 1st year and give advice to the current 1st years. She says that of course, both years are a lot of hard work, but there is a heavier workload in 2nd year. She also says that things begin to become more relevant and interesting. From her experience, it is easier to settle into college life because you’re more used to living away from Ireland and time seems to move much faster.
Ciara also talked about how she is excited to begin more practical work in her future in Wroclaw. At the moment there is a lot of hands-on experience especially in Anatomy classes….but the patients are not able to co-operate just say. In future years of study, there are farm practices, abattoir experiences and many other experiences with live animals. With Ireland being a country steeped in horses and horseracing, there is a lot of focus on young vets wanting to specialize in that area. WUELS give you the opportunity to experience and decide if the area of specialty is really for you. Many students often change their minds about what discipline they would like to delve into. The university really offers you the chance to experience it all.
During the semester breaks, it is possible to travel around Europe, living in Wroclaw gives you an amazing opportunity to do that. It is a stunning city itself and is full of culture. It is a city filled with young people with ~130,000 out of 650,000 being students in the city. It is a well-equipped city and there are many modern facilities and services available at a discounted rate for students. The city is close in distance to Berlin, Vienna and Prague as well as many other Polish cities worth a visit! There are easy connections to these cities and again prices are low compared with Irish ones.


At the moment Bialystok University is ranked somewhere between 1000-1200 ("THE" ranking).
That makes it 6th result in Poland overall. However, in terms of the Teaching category, it is classified as the 2nd position. Also, 2nd place when it comes to gender proportions (76 vs 24).


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