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The Poznan University of Medical Sciences is one of the best and largest medical universities in Poland, with over 95 years of sound academic experience and a great growth momentum. English medical programs are offered for 25 years.

For more information please contact: 




6-year Medicine MD

biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics (min. 2 subjects, incl. biology); test in biology, chemistry and physics and interview

4-year Advanced Medicine MD

University science degree in medical sciences, pre-med, biology, chemistry or physics;CAT, UKCAT or GAMSAT; test in biology, chemistry, physics and interview

5-year Dentistry DDS

biology, chemistry and physics or mathematics (min. 2 subjects, incl. biology); test in biology, chemistry and physics and interview

3-year Physiotheraphy

biology; interview examination in biology

6-year Pharmacy (US: PharmD)

biology and chemistry; interview examination in biology and chemistry


1. Subjects listed above for the course of interest on applicant's final exam (e.g. Leaving Cert/A-Levels*)
2. Application form
3. Personal Statement (1-page long, explaining applicant's motivation to study Medicine)

Please send the documents listed along with the scan of confirmation of application fee payment to:

4. Entrance examination in Biology, Chemistry and Physics + interview (different locations)

It is not required to sit or pass HPAT exams to study medicine in Poland.

*or mocks results/letter from school/teacher with applicant's predicted grades in those subjects if one applies before they have sat the final high school exam




• PUMS has the longest tradition of English MD program in Poland. Dating back to 1993, PUMS English Division is celebrating its 25th anniversary in autumn 2018.

• There are over 7000 students at PUMS and over 900 of them are international (eg. American, Canadian, British, Scandinavian, Thai and more)

• Education at PUMS is supported by University's close cooperation with 6 different hospitals, out of which 4 are within the walking distance from the uni.

• One of those hospitals is Gynaecology and Obstetrics Teaching Hospital of the Medical University in Poznań. It is the biggest of its kind in Poland and the reports say that about 2% of babies in the country are born here.

• There is a Medical Simulation Center which is currently under construction. It is going to be equipped not only with modern simulation phantoms, but also rooms roleplaying surroundings common in doctor's work, like an ambulance or street.

• In the academic year 2018/19 the university is planning to hire 50 actors to help international students practice their interaction with patients. The actors will be speaking English and will be trained to simulate different situations that future doctors need to learn how to cope with.






Applying to Poznan University od Medical Sciences and studying medicine in Poland:

1. Application Fee – 190 EUR - guarantees Medical Poland Admission Office support throughout the admission process and whole time of study*
2. Admission University Fee – 1600 ZL (approx. 400 EUR)
3. Tuition fee, depending on the course:


6-year Medicine MD

±EUR 13 800 /year

4-year Advanced Medicine MD

±EUR 15 200 /year

5-year Dentistry DDS

±EUR 13 800 /year

3-year Physiotheraphy

±EUR 10 100 /year

6-year Pharmacy (US: PharmD)

±EUR 10 100 /year


*The application fee guarantees that Medical Poland Admission Office:

• Advises on best options
• Guides through application
• Prepares for interview
• Helps to secure the place from March
• Runs university tours
• Supports on the ground in Poland (cultural & language support, apartment search etc.)
• Helps to organize summer placements in Poland
• Provides other support




• There are 4 modern dorms waiting for PUMS international students, just within walking distance from the university and the library. There they will find all the facilities needed for comfortable living and studying, such as quiet study rooms, common rooms or tv rooms. Students' rooms are nice and cozy and first year's students usually share them with friends. It is possible to get a single room from the year 2.
• The sports facilities are just round the corner (gym, tennis courts, basketball pitch etc.)
• There are lots of sport clubs and teams that one can join.
• PUMS is supervising so called SIMOLIMPICS – a contest in which teams of MD students compete while providing medical help to SimMan 3G, a highly realistic phantom. They act out different scenarios and have a chance to check on their clinical skills and medical knowledge.
• There are many students' organizations one can join. Among others: Medical Aid Organization helping the poor in Kenya or PUMS journal CLUB, encouraging English-speaking students to write scientific papers and publish them.




• Inhabitants: 550 000
• Airport: Poznan (direct flights to London and Dublin)
• 3 hours by train from Warsaw
• 3 hours by train from Berlin
• Poznan is an important academic site, with about 130,000 students 

Popular attractions:

• Town Hall and Old Market square
• The Imperial Castle
• Citadel Park
• Cathedral Island
• Croissant Museum
• Lake Malta
• The Old Brewery 50 50




Medical Poland are delighted to invite you to our very anticipated Medical Poland Open Seminar to present an opportunity to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in English in the heart of Europe.

Irish students increasingly look for education at Europe’s prestigious universities and more and more often choose Poland, ranked second in safety by OECD.

The Open Days are to encourage students and their families to consider studying with Medical Poland, as well as inform about Polish public medical university programs in English language, including degree courses in:

  • Medicine 

  • Veterinary

  • Dentistry

  • Pharmacy

  • Physiotherapy

The number of seats is limited.


LONDON: Thursday, 26 April, The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, 47 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1JH, UK. Register here.



5:30pm   Registration

6:00pm   Welcome

6:10pm   Why study in Poland? - Adam Krawczyk, Medical Poland

6:20pm   Higher education in Poland, Medical Poland

6:30pm   Collegium Medicum - prof. Arkadiusz Jawien

6:45pm   University of Environmental and Life Sciences - Michal Dzięcioł, PhD

7:00pm   Medical University of Bialystok (TBC)

7:15pm   Other universities and Q&A

7:45pm   Closing remarks / finish




DUBLIN: Friday, 27 April, Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Hotel, 1 Custom House Quay, Dublin, Ireland. Register here



6:15pm Registration

6:30pm Welcome

6:40pm Why study in Poland? - Adam Krawczyk, Medical Poland

6:50pm Higher education in Poland, Medical Poland

7:00pm Collegium Medicum - prof. Arkadiusz Jawien

7:15pm University of Environmental and Life Sciences - Michal Dzięcioł, PhD

7:30pm Medical University of Bialystok (TBC)

7:45pm Other universities and Q&A

8:15pm Closing remarks / finish



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