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12/13/14 September, The Irish Times, Higher Options, RDS, Dublin stand no 219






Medical University of Białystok is prestigious, fast developing and students friendly – public higher education school, which provides versatile development, possibility to create independent thinking and learning as well as wonderful perspectives on the job market. A perfect place for those who seek where to study medicine through English, to study medicine in Europe.

The advantage of applying with Medical Poland Admission Office is constant support from the application to graduation.   

For more information please contact:




1. Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics on applicant's final exam (e.g. Leaving Cert/A-Levels*)

*or mocks results/letter from school/teacher with applicant's predicted grades in those subjects if one applies before they have sat the final high school exam

2. Eligibility declaration -if applicable **

3. Application form

4. Personal Statement (1-page long, explaining applicant's motivation to study Medicine)

Please send the documents listed along with the scan of confirmation of application fee payment to: 


5. Interview (in Bialystok/via Skype – checking general motivation&attitude, 2-3 questions on Biology)


It is not required to sit or pass HPAT exams to study medicine in Poland.

** A declaration clearly stating that the subjected certificate (School Leaving Certificate/High School Diploma) entitles the holder to apply for admission to the university or any other higher education institution which grants academic degrees in the country within which the certificate was issued




Listen to Heelay, Amin and Hossein to learn their perspective:



•  University listed with WHO (World Health Organization)

•  In 2017 LEK session (Medical Final Exam) Medical University of Białystok was ranked first among all Polish Universities (with the average score of 138,96)

•  Among all 785 academic teachers, there are 129 professors and 141 habilitated doctors. This ratio is one of the highest among all Polish universities

•  There are nearly 5,000 students at 14 courses of study, and over 300 of them study medicine through English

•  Medicine English Programme from 2004

•  All the facilities within the walking distance





Applying to Medical University of Bialystok and studying medicine in Poland:

1. Application Fee – 190 EUR - guarantees Medical Poland's support throughout the admission process and whole time of study*
2. Admission University Fee – 500 EUR
3. Pre-course Fee – 450 EUR (obligatory, 1st year only)
3. Tuition fee 1st year- approx. 10 250 EUR/year
4. Tution fee years 2-6 – approx. 9 750 EUR/year


*The application fee guarantees that Medical Poland Admission Office:

• Advises on best options
• Guides through application
• Prepares for interviews
• Helps to secure the place from March
• Runs university tours
• Supports on the ground in Poland (cultural & language support, apartment search etc.)
• Helps to organize summer placement in Poland
• Provides other support



The international community of English-speaking students is very active:

•  They organize football tournaments, celebrate their national holidays and integrate very well into the local community.
•  English-speaking students participate in the annual all-Poland Anatomical Knowledge Competition called Golden Scapula and they achieve very good results (multiple individual and team winners, many second and third places and other awards).

•  New dormitory welcomes international students: single and double rooms, bathrooms, 2 kitchens on every floor, laundry room, gym available.


Watch the LipDub video prepared by the students:






•  Inhabitants: 270 000
•  Airport: Olsztyn or Warsaw
•  2,5 hour by train from Warsaw
•  Famous for multiculturalism
•  Bialystok Is often called 'The green lungs of Poland'

Popular attractions:

•  Branicki Palace
•  Ludwik Zamenhof Centre
•  Planty Park
•  Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy
•  Rynek Koscioszki




Medical Poland are delighted to invite you to our very anticipated Medical Poland Open Seminar to present an opportunity to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in English in the heart of Europe.

Irish students increasingly look for education at Europe’s prestigious universities and more and more often choose Poland, ranked second in safety by OECD.

The Open Days are to encourage students and their families to consider studying with Medical Poland, as well as inform about Polish public medical university programs in English language, including degree courses in:

  • Medicine 

  • Veterinary

  • Dentistry

  • Pharmacy

  • Physiotherapy

The number of seats is limited.


LONDON: Thursday, 26 April, The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London, 47 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1JH, UK. Register here.



5:30pm   Registration

6:00pm   Welcome

6:10pm   Why study in Poland? - Adam Krawczyk, Medical Poland

6:20pm   Higher education in Poland, Medical Poland

6:30pm   Collegium Medicum - prof. Arkadiusz Jawien

6:45pm   University of Environmental and Life Sciences - Michal Dzięcioł, PhD

7:00pm   Medical University of Bialystok (TBC)

7:15pm   Other universities and Q&A

7:45pm   Closing remarks / finish




DUBLIN: Friday, 27 April, Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Hotel, 1 Custom House Quay, Dublin, Ireland. Register here



6:15pm Registration

6:30pm Welcome

6:40pm Why study in Poland? - Adam Krawczyk, Medical Poland

6:50pm Higher education in Poland, Medical Poland

7:00pm Collegium Medicum - prof. Arkadiusz Jawien

7:15pm University of Environmental and Life Sciences - Michal Dzięcioł, PhD

7:30pm Medical University of Bialystok (TBC)

7:45pm Other universities and Q&A

8:15pm Closing remarks / finish



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